Categories of wooden houses in Europe



Categories of wooden houses in Europe

10. 07. 2019


When we talk about wooden houses, many different types come to mind, from the very small wooden houses used in the garden to the architecturally avant-garde villas. Wood is a sustainable material, a renewable resource (usually from reforestation), and does not require the combustion of fossil fuels during its production. As a building material, it is really fashionable in recent years and you can build many types of wooden houses.


case in legno prefabbricate slovenia

Example of a timberframe house.

telaio timberfram legno slovenia

Example of af an external wall in a timber frame.

This type of wooden house is the most used in the world. It consists in connecting the wooden beams in the way of constructing a frame wall. The wood usually used is timber. The insulation, usually rock wool, is then placed in the frame. From the outside, it can be finished like a normal house: plaster, stone facade, or wooden facade. On the inside, it is painted with wall plaster. In Europe, it is widespread in northern parts, mainly in Germany, Sweden, and Norway. But in recent years, they have also seen very strong growth in the markets of Southern Europe, among which Italy is one of the most prominent.
An evolution of this system is the factories of frame walls, which are built it in closed and controlled environments. These walls are later referred to as “prefabricated timber-frame elements”.


casa in xlam slovenia

Example of a x-lam house.

xlam slovenia

example of an external wall in X-lam.

Became popular in Europe and gradually attracted the attention of the rest of the world; X-lam or Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) stands out for strength, appearance, versatility, and sustainability.
The material consists of boards (or slats) of timber, glued, and laminated wood, in which each layer is oriented perpendicular to the previous one (X design). By joining layers of wood at perpendicular angles, the structural rigidity of the panel is achieved in both directions, similar to plywood but with thicker components. In this way, the panel has a high tensile and compressive strength.
Material widely used in recent years to make buildings of 4 floors more. There are even 20-storey projects already!




This type of construction also called solid wood frame consists only of wooden logs. Insulation is generally very effective; with good moisture stability. Air renewal is, of course, good. Very suitable for cottage-type buildings or construction kits, this method is not used when large openings are required.


casetta da giardino

Example of a wooden garden house.

They are small wooden prefabrications, generally smaller than 10m2. Usually, they are already sold whole or as an assembly kit. They usually have very competitive prices, because they are usually made in factories.


glamping slovenia fornitori

Example of a Glamping.

They are wooden camping houses, which offer more comfort than tents. They are usually made in the frame system.


In Jelovica we can deliver high-quality timber-frame or Xlam villas. We don’t sell Cottages, garden houses or Galmpins.

Marko Hrovatin

Marko Hrovatin