Green Star Certificate Jelovica Houses Slovenia



Green Star Certificate Jelovica Houses Slovenia

16. 09. 2022

Jelovica has been one of the most sustainable companies in Slovenia for decades. The company’s strategy itself is based on the production of sustainable and energy-efficient products in the form of state-of-the-art wooden villas and buildings that are both energy-efficient.

Jelovica, as the first Slovenian recipient of the Green Star certificate, is believed to be improving the environment and quality of life through its operations. At the same time, receiving the certificate also confirms that the company is ambitious and successful in achieving global sustainability and climate neutrality goals. Jelovica Houses has earned the prestigious title of the first green star of the Slovenian economy, as it leads by example in the successful green transformation.


In recent years, we have enhanced the company’s sustainability efforts by creating a modern, completely energy-self-sufficient factory. When we introduced the latest technological equipment, we paid great attention to energy-saving measures, as well as our energy production. Today we ourselves produce all the energy necessary for the production of prefabricated buildings at our headquarters with the help of water, sun, and woody biomass. The numerous awards received, to which we are the first in Slovenia to add the Green Star certificate, confirm our pioneering role in this field.


Sustainability has been part of our strategic directions for decades, which define that the company produces only energy-saving and sustainable products in the form of state-of-the-art energy-saving facilities. By receiving the Green Star certificate, Jelovica has once again strengthened its position as a leading exporter of low-energy prefabricated buildings to the most demanding European markets. There is no doubt that Jelovica, as the first Slovenian to receive the Green Star certificate, will become even more recognizable as a leading Slovenian company in the field of sustainability, in addition to its more than century-old tradition.

Innovation and providing the highest quality technological products to our customers has been our commitment for 115 years and we will continue to do so in the future. At the same time, we will strive to include all our suppliers and partners in the global mindset of sustainable orientation.





Green Star is the first certificate for sustainable business and climate action in Slovenia, showing where an individual company is on the path to green transformation. The basis for issuing the Green Star certificate is the Green Star ESG rating in the field of sustainable business and climate action, which is based on international frameworks and standards for sustainable reporting and EU legislation.

Evaluates the impact of management, environmental and societal factors on the company and its footprint, as well as the company’s impact on the environment, climate and society. This way, among other things, companies can see how ambitious their set goals are and whether they are acting in accordance with measures and activities aimed at closing the gap towards climate neutrality.

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Marko Hrovatin

Marko Hrovatin