30. 04. 2018

Anyone can make a mistake; it’s something completely normal for a working person. We also make mistakes, but very few of them. According to last year’s data, we were wrong only by 0.5% in the whole year. I’ll tell you what the difference is, and anyone working with us can see it. We take the customer’s plans and base our own plans on them. This way, there are no deviations. We have all the plans in one, and every contractor knows exactly where things are located. The plan we prepare for the customer includes: Ground plan of the house – Electricity on the walls – Plumbing – Kitchen ground plan – Bathroom ground plans – Installation of windows and doors. We then make a 3D plan for the customer and we study the open points together. The house goes into the manufacturing process only when the customer is completely satisfied with the plans. We always advise the customer that 90% of the work is done on paper, and the other 10% on the building site. Follow this rule, and you won’t make a mistake.