PEFC certified wood origin



PEFC certified wood origin

27. 08. 2019


People often do not ask where the wood that is sold in stores or is sold as building material for a wooden house comes from. The origin of the wood is a very important thing because we see that nowadays deforestation is spreading more and more. Forests are the lungs of our planet and slow down its warming.

In the last few days, we have seen many reports of fires in the Amazon rainforest. This is very serious, because if we don’t slow down this process, we’re going to a point of no return. In recent years, we have destroyed more than 50% of the world’s forests. These forests were first used for except wood. After the wood was cut down, the forests were burned to make pastures. So here we can ask ourselves the question if trees are cut down, but no new ones are planted, then will we be left without them?

That’s why we need to have forests controlled by the agencies, which make sure that every tree cut down gets a new one replanted. If we leave forests to companies, who only see their profit, we will see the same things that are happening in Brasilia here in Europe very soon.



PEFC is an international, non-profit, non-governmental organization that promotes sustainable forest management. It issues PEFC certificates that provide the finished product with a transparent forest management control system and a forest-to-forest traceability system. PEFC is primarily aimed at small forest owners who are sustainable forest managers. PEFC certification holds over 240 million hectares of forests worldwide.

Principles to be met by a forest owner in order for a forest to be PEFC certified:

– the felling does not exceed the wood increment,
– after felling, natural or artificial restoration of the forest is carried out,
the forest does not have the character of a plantation,
– no pesticides are used in the forest,
– forests are managed in such a way as to preserve the habitat of plants and animals,
conservation of the biodiversity of ecosystems.
– protect workers’ rights and promote local employment,
respect for the rights and property of indigenous (native) peoples and landowners;
verification of the origin of wood raw materials.

We at Jelovica also want a greener, greener, and healthier future for future generations! That’s why we joined the PEFC in 2013.

Marko Hrovatin

Marko Hrovatin