What is Sismabonus 2023



What is Sismabonus 2023

05. 06. 2023

News from Italy: Sismabonus 2023

The “sismabonus” is an initiative introduced in Italy to promote the safety of buildings and homes affected by earthquakes. This measure was adopted following the seismic events which struck several regions of Italy, causing considerable damage and loss of life.

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The sismabonus provides tax incentives to people who decide to carry out renovation or seismic improvement work in their homes. Permitted interventions concern, for example, the construction of structural consolidation works, the safety of electrical and plumbing systems, the installation of seismic protection systems, and the replacement of damaged roofs and facades.

Benefits of Sismabonus:

The benefits for customers who join sismabonus are manifold. Firstly, they can benefit from a tax deduction of up to 110% of the costs incurred for seismic adaptation work. This means that, in addition to deducting the actual cost of the intervention, it is possible to obtain a further tax relief of 10% of the amount invested.
Secondly, thanks to the sismabonus, homeowners can increase the value of their homes, making them safer and more attractive on the real estate market. In addition, safety measures contribute to the overall improvement of living conditions, providing greater protection for residents and reducing the risks associated with future seismic events.
Finally, it is important to stress that sismabonus does not only concern private dwellings, but can also be extended to condominium buildings, commercial activities and public facilities. In this way, the aim is to ensure greater security not only for individual families but also for communities as a whole.
In conclusion, the sismabonus represents a concrete opportunity to improve the security of Italian buildings and homes, mitigating the risks related to earthquakes. Tax incentives and related benefits make it easier for customers to adapt to seismic events and add value to their properties.


The company Jelovica houses Slovenia has been selling its houses in earthquake-affected areas for many years. Our clients usually have homes that have already collapsed or are about to collapse and are therefore no longer habitable. That’s why they order us new houses, the same architecture as the previous ones, but anti-seismic, and they place them on the site of their old house.

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Marko Hrovatin

Marko Horvatin