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Earthquake resistant wooden houses

This time we will talk about the earthquake safety of the prefabricated house, which is also one of the key factors in choosing a house in which you want to live safely. In the design and static calculations of each prefabricated wooden house, it is recommended to take into account the seismic load. Consequently, it is necessary to design the prefabricated house that is most resistant to seismic risk. Prefabricated house stress relief safety information is especially important for the buyer when installing a prefabricated house in a seismically threatened area.

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The task of a wooden frame structure is the transfer of vertical loads. The horizontal load, which includes earthquake and wind, is carried by cladding plates (gypsum board, particle board), which are attached to the mechanical means of the frame. Therefore, with the correct design of the wooden frame and panel coverings, the seismic resistance of prefabricated structures can be guaranteed. Of course, the characteristics and behavior of timber frame structures during earthquakes cannot be generalized to all prefabricated houses, since each of them has a different construction system, various materials, and mechanical binders.

In the case of anti-stress safety, the resistances are among the advantages of a prefabricated house that responds better to seismic stress. The secret lies in wood which, unlike concrete or brick, at the expense of its greater elasticity (a larger modulus of elasticity) responds much better to shaking off the ground. Timber is much more tolerant of tensile or compressive loading over bending force, which arises as a result of ground movement in the earthquake.


Anti-seismic test of the wooden house.


The next key factor, that makes prefabricated houses respond better to earthquakes, is its weight in the building structure. Also in this sector, there are the advantages of prefabricated houses: the wooden structure is up to 5 times lighter than brick houses. For this reason, the horizontal earthquake force is considerably smaller in the mounting house.

So to summarize, wooden houses are designed to resist earthquakes, and can even resist up to 9 Richter scale. They are used around the world because they weigh less than traditional buildings and because they are more flexible to earthquake movements.

Marko Hrovatin

Marko Hrovatin

What is the cost of a prefabricated wooden house

What is the cost of a prefabricated wooden house (from a foreign manufacturer)?

Buying a home represents a fundamental step in life that requires careful consideration. When it comes to choosing what type of home you want, it is essential to carefully review all available options. Without a doubt, in recent years an ever-increasing number of people have opted for a prefabricated wooden house, rediscovering its aesthetic qualities and economic advantages.

But the question comes naturally: ‘How much does a prefabricated wooden house cost?’ Well, let’s briefly explain what defines the price of a wooden house and why it can be more or less compared to that of brick houses but with more advantages.


What are the advantages of a prefabricated wooden house?

A prefabricated wooden house offers numerous advantages over traditional construction. First of all, it guarantees greater energy efficiency and lower consumption costs thanks to the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of wood. This translates into superior living comfort and energy consumption for heating and air conditioning up to 60-70% lower than a traditional home. Furthermore, the construction of a prefabricated house is quicker, requiring only a few days to assemble on-site, while traditional construction can take many months or years. From an economic point of view, the prefabricated house offers some advantages too. Production takes place in an internal production chain, which guarantees known fixed costs and respected estimates, avoiding additional cost surprises as often happens in traditional constructions. Additionally, the costs of resources such as electricity, water, and fuel used during construction are reduced, as is the cost of labor.

The techniques, services, and authoritativeness of the manufacturer have a major impact on the costs of a wooden house, and this is why we advise you to take the time necessary to evaluate the proposals of multiple suppliers, whether small or large, local or foreign.

Aesthetic Benefits

Exposed beams roofs in wooden houses are not only a functional choice but also an aesthetically fascinating one. Exposed beams and paneling add character and warmth to the architecture of a log home, creating a warm and inviting space. These roofs often become the focal point of a home, sparking admiration and appreciation.


Cost Difference

The price difference between an exposed beams roof and a regular roof is due to the combination of high-quality materials and the superior craftsmanship required to make them. However, it is important to note that this cost difference is an investment in the aesthetics, durability, and long-term value of your log home.


Which countries offer the best service in terms of quality-price?

Many foreign manufacturers of prefabricated wooden houses collaborate with national and local companies for the sales and installation part to reduce costs related to travel and transportation. Therefore, the ideal choice for a customer is to find a location where labor is cheaper and transportation costs are lower. These are fundamental characteristics to look for to identify a valid alternative to local wooden house suppliers. The most attractive markets for wooden houses include Austria, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Estonia and Scandinavia.

Is relying on a foreign manufacturer more convenient than a local one (Central and North Europe)?

Depends. As we have already explained, many factors determine the price of a wooden house, so depending on the origin of the raw material and the cost of labor, relying on a foreign manufacturer can prove to be the right choice. In the case of Slovenian manufacturers, we can say that the prices of a prefabricated wooden house are around 10-20% lower than those of the main local manufacturers. Therefore, if a manufacturer of prefabricated houses maintains the same quality standards as a local competitor, the price differences are minimal, which is perfectly understandable, given that they both use certified materials of European origin, but the key lies in the profit margins and labor costs. It is estimated that manufacturers maintain a margin of between 5% and 15%, a figure that does not vary significantly between local and international suppliers. The labor costs, for example, are lower in Slovenia than in other central European countries. With this, it is possible to obtain the same profit margins as a local manufacturer but enjoy a lower purchase price.

For this reason, the Central EU market is positively welcoming competition from Eastern European countries, where the tradition of wooden construction is more consolidated and prices are competitive.


How to choose the right wooden house manufacturer?

Remember, choosing the right team of people is a fundamental step, they will be the ones to accompany you towards your new home, so expect the best and feel confident in your choice. Don’t be in a hurry, get all the necessary information, read the reviews on the websites dedicated to the topic, and find out in sector magazines. Identify the best companies, organize visits to witness the assembly process of some of these, get in touch with the owners (builders often have a list of clients who allow you to visit their homes), and ask them to share their experiences and recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, lots of questions. You are the customer, you are about to compare a new home. Invest in your future with peace of mind.

We can only speak for what concerns us, so let me quickly tell you something about us – Jelovica wooden houses.

Jelovica has always been one of the flagships in the world of prefabricated wooden buildings, with over 80 years of experience and hundreds of constructions delivered all over the world (from the USA to Australia). Over the years, we have actively participated in the design and construction of a wide range of projects, including multifamily residential complexes, condominiums, and large structures. Our experience and know-how allow us to successfully tackle any type of construction, satisfying the most diverse needs.

If you are dreaming of a new home tailored for you, we are here to make your dream come true!

Marko Hrovatin

Marko Hrovatin